About Us

The Delaware Chronic Disease Collaborative is a resource provided by the Delaware Academy of Medicine / Delaware Public Health Association.  We strive to provide patients, medical professionals, care providers, family members, friends, and anyone searching for chronic disease information with relevant information, news, and statistics about the status of the many chronic diseases, on the state level as well as the national.

To ensure on this promise, we have facilitated partnerships with various health organizations to collaborate on the information provided. Along with this, we aim to create a public online source to provide support for those who are diagnosed and/or need help managing these conditions.

Our Mission

The mission of the Delaware Chronic Disease Collaborative (DCDC) is to promote:

  • Public Health by providing a reliable resource of information for not only those affected but their healthcare providers, families, and caregivers;
  • Prevention through informing the population of risk and protective factors and behaviors, diseases, and the various healthcare services available to them
  • Promotion and Safety by providing various health education materials to help in the management of chronic diseases

The collaborative will coordinate with the Delaware Academy of Medicine to educate and effectively communicate information about chronic diseases to medical professionals and the public. 

Education, Treatment, Advocacy and Collaboration

Coalition Organizations: